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CBD Hemp tea

I ordered hemp tea from hemp flowers and leafs from The product surprised me pleasantly, so I decided to write a review and tell you my experience. I always try to write 1000 and more words but it is difficult to write 1000 words about tea it hemp tea or tea in general.

CBD Hemp tea preparation

As you can see on the pictures below, the tea is a mixture of finely cut pieces of hemp leaves and flowers. It scent is herbal and natural and so it does not smell like typical hemp flower. Maybe I could compare it to the smell of hemp leaves but I never had the opportunity to smell a bag of hemp, so I am not the right one to judge. 

Tea is portioned well. I didn´t find any stems, stalks or flowers in it. I bought 40 grams tea bag but when I weighed it had 47 grams. If we take into consideration 5 grams weight of the bag and the sticker, it was all in all good. 

Preparation: I boiled water in the kettle and put a spoon of hemp tea in my cup. I poured the hot water over and let it steep for 4-5 minutes. I wanted to find out what would happen if I let it steep for 10 minutes.

               hemp tea sample          hemp tea CBD

CBD Hemp tea and its effects

It is about 10 minutes since I finished my cup of tea. I feel much more relaxed than before. It reminds me of having a cup of green tea when your stomach feels warm and your mind is calm. Hemp tea is very calming; I mean it is going to be better to have one cup of tea in the evening than in the morning. 

I am not sure, what other substances does the hemp tea contain apart from cannabinoids. On the etiquette there is written it is Magnesium and iron. I could not find any prove on the internet that hemp leaves contain Magnesium that is why I am slightly suspicious towards this information. What I would say more (I feel that drinking of hemp tea is healthy). I am sure that one cup of hemp tea a day is going to be beneficial for your body.

CBD: Cannabinoid soluble in fats

It is recommended to drink hemp tea with a dash of fat. Milk is apparently one of them. However, I do not like the idea of it that is why I have decided to do it the other way. If you want to get the maximum amount of cannabinoids, especially CBD, it is necessary to add a drop of oil or fat in which the cannabinoids will dissolve. 

Hemp tea: My opinion

It is a good, delicious and healthy drink which I can use every day of my life. Its effects do not affect my mind but bring pleasant feeling of calmness and peace. I can imagine drinking this tea during cold evenings; it will be definitely a perfect treat. 

Is CBD oil going to replace medication against anxiety? Definitely not. Level of cannabinoids in hemp leafs is significantly lower than in flowers. However, the hemp tea is definitely a subtle alternative for stress relieve. You can enjoy this pleasant taste also in other products.

Additional information
  • BIO Hemp Tea (flowers and leaves)

    BIO Hemp Tea, 35g - 5,99 €

    BIO Hemp tea from Zelená Země is a mixture of hemp leaves and flowers from Czech production. Used hemp herba (dried leaves and flowers) is from approved cannabis plants (technical hemp) coming from ecological agriculture.

    Leaves and flowers are all handpicked and packed thanks to what this tea preserves its aroma, taste and healing effects.

  • CBD Extra hemp tea 3,3%

    CBD Extra hemp tea 3,3%, 35g - 11,99 €

    Dried hemp buds and leafs containing up to 3,3% CBD and other cannabinoids. Tea has no psychoactive effects. It is late harvest a French strain Ferimon, when the plant is fully ripe and has the highest content of beneficial substances.

    CBD Extra hemp tea contains healing cannabinoid CBD, which can relieve insomnia, digestion problem, migraines, pains of any kind, breathing problems and asthma. CBD has a calming effect on the parasympathetic nervous system with a beneficial impact on psychological state and enables to start the immunity system of the body. THC is present in an allowed homeopathic amount 0,2%. The tea doesn't have psychoactive effects but the healing properties of THC remain active. 

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    One of the most useful medicinal plants is the sea buckthorn. Imagine the effect of tea with hemp and sea buckthorn? Due to its unique properties, the healing tea with sea buckthorn heals not only many diseases, but also many diseases. Due to its unique properties, the healing tea with sea buckthorn heals many diseases. 

  • CBD hemp tea and hemp butter

    CBD hemp tea is actually dried leaves and hemp flowers that you can use not only for making beverages but also as an ingredient in preparing other foods or meals. 

    These home-grown products are rich in CBD and other cannabinoids and thus positively influence the function of the endocannabinoid system. 

  • CBD hemp tea – dosage

    Hemp tea is one of the hemp foods whose use is still gaining popularity. The reason is easy preparation of hemp tea and no harmful side effects that arise from other hemp (smoking or cooking). Drinking hemp tea is considered the healthiest way to use hemp. 

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  • CBD Hemp tea

    I ordered hemp tea from hemp flowers and leafs from The product surprised me pleasantly, so I decided to write a review and tell you my experience. I always try to write 1000 and more words but it is difficult to write 1000 words about tea it hemp tea or tea in general.

  • CBD Hemp tea as prevention

    To maintain proper water intake and choose right liquids that our body is receiving is good to do all year long. Nevertheless, exactly autumn is a season when our body is weaker and therefore we should think more of prevention. One of the means that help to prevent a cold and flu are herbal teas. Hemp has also its place among herbs that can be used.

  • CBD Hemp Tea - Pharmaceutical companies and hemp

    Production of majority of medication costs only a few coins, but in the pharmacies you buy them 1000 times more expensive. State offices of medication administration should be doing revisions of medicaments and prices every year. Unfortunatelly, it still does not have many of these medical aids under control.

  • CBD Hemp tea - My experience

    My name is Jiří, I am 49 years old and I am suffering from acute pain of various sources (muscle and joints pain). It takes some time at night before I fall asleep. I usually manage at some point before early morning. I wake up tired without any energy. I work as a forester and to recommendations of my daughter I tried CBD hemp tea.

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  • Bio hemp tea

    Bio Hemp Tea is a mixture of hemp leafs and flowers of Czech production. The tea is made only from allowed species of cannabis plant (also known as technical hemp), coming from ecological agriculture. All the leafs and flowers are hand-picked and packed, which allows them to keep their natural aromas.

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